Sustainable territories

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Social inclusion / City of care / Habitability / Urban development and public space / Metropolitan areas / Digital inclusion / Quality of life / Inclusion / Education / Urban transformation / Urban planning / Gender equality / Health / Democracy / Security / Right to the city / Equity / Resilience / Human rights / Access to services / Collaboration / Placemaking 

The sustainability of our cities requires a comprehensive and complex look at the factors that make up an authentic long-term sustainable development model. It requires a look at the physical territories that sustain life, but also at the material, political, social, cultural relationships and conditions... that shape people·s life projects. Thus, in this topic we want to address issues such as equity in its multiple aspects, the role of public institutions in the government and management of cities and territories, or the factors that make the city possible as a space of conflict and tension, but also meeting and caring.  
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